Fundraising Campaign Shortlist

Best Supporter Experience


Battersea - Battersea Legacy Stewardship Events

Battersea has developed and delivered a unique and successful programme of Legacy supporter events, inviting Legacy Pledgers and Enquirers into the very heart of the charity. The programme is a truly supporter-centric experience and the development of the programme has been supporter-led, with the interests and passions at the heart of our planning and delivery resulting in ‘the best day of my life’ for at least one satisfied supporter.

Breast Cancer Now - Wear it Pink

Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink campaign has gone from strength to strength from 2017-2019, growing from £1.2m to 2m in just 4 years. This growth has principally been driven by our renewed commitment to supporter experience. We have grown repeat participation rates, increasing average gifts and remittance rates YOY and changed the focus for the team, working on added value stewardship and relationship building first and foremost.

From ensuring accuracy and simplicity of our processes to guaranteeing that no supporter falls through the cracks, our work to create a personal supporter experience at scale has given one of the sectors most established mass participation fundraising events a new lease of life and has transformed our organisational approach to mass participation.

Consistently over the course of 3 years we’ve shown that it’s possible to build something that makes 24,000 people feel valued, known, appreciated and inspired and that by, among other things, refocusing staff time to added value you really can bring a relationship fundraising approach to a mass participation event and create a fantastic supporter experience.

British Red Cross - Online Regular Givers Journey Redesign

The Supporter Experience Team at British Red Cross was created with the aim to improve our fundraising performance through increased supporter satisfaction, loyalty and experience by taking a human centred design approach to creating experiences and journeys.

We identified people who come to our website and sign up to a direct debit unsolicited as an audience who we didn’t know anything about: why they decided to give to us regularly, who they are or what they are passionate about. They weren’t receiving tailored content, and the only additional ask we would have given them was to increase their monthly gift or give to us in an emergency appeal. When looking at how this group responded to our supporter experience survey, they were one of our most committed audiences but also one of our least satisfied.

Through this project, we were able to launch a tailored three-month welcome email journey for this audience. Although this seems simple, there are a range of firsts for British Red Cross:

-           An opportunity for two-way conversation: asking supporters why they chose to give and their experience so far, to validate our insight

-           Tailored content that our audience is passionate about: refugees are one of the main causes they’re most interested in, but there was an internal belief that this was a contentious issue. The project helped dispel this myth

-           Getting into the detail: These supporters showed us that they were very knowledgeable about our work, and want deeper information

-           A range of engagement opportunities: We included a range of ways they could get more involved that we feel are relevant to them beyond just increasing their gift

The Lowry Centre Trust - The Lowry's Regular Giving Programme

The Lowry is the North West’s most visited cultural venue, offering an extensive range of performing arts across our three theatres, contemporary visual arts and the world’s largest collection of works and archival material of LS Lowry, and an award-winning learning and engagement programme which focuses on young people in Salford experiencing deprivation and/or disadvantage.

The Lowry’s Development Team operates a range of regular giving programmes for individuals and corporates, and prides itself on our personal relationship with our regular supporters, ensuring our offer is relevant, attractive and rewarding for all our donors, no matter what aspects of our work and charitable mission they are most interested in.

Vision Foundation - Team Vision does the London Marathon

At the Vision Foundation, we are determined to overcome the barriers that so frequently make blind and partially sighted people feel excluded from mainstream activities. We always approach every fundraising activity with the attitude that it must be accessible for everyone involved. For the London Marathon we have taken a tailored approach to each runner, finding dedicated guide runners and researching accessible training sessions. Our friendly events team have helped our visually impaired runners every step of the way and are dedicated to ensuring all our marathon runners reach the finishing line and have an exceptional London Marathon experience.


Category Sponsor

Individual Giving Campaign of the Year



It’s a heart-breaking statistic that 1.4 million older people often or always feel lonely, and over a million rely on the TV or radio just to hear another voice. Age UK is the national charity for older people. Our mission is simple – to be here for the older people who need us most. Loneliness presents one of the toughest challenges for people in later life, and Age UK believes no one should have no one to turn to.

No One Should Have No One To Turn To (NOSHNOTTT) is Age UK’s Christmas Campaign; our largest campaign in the calendar and it focuses on the issue of loneliness. 2019 was the first time that all external facing teams used the same messaging, adapted for their various audiences, so that Age UK was speaking in a consistent way across all channels to raise awareness and secure donations.  

RNLI - Perfect Storm

The RNLI’s bravest and biggest campaign, the Perfect Storm Appeal, was a powerful cry for help – with spectacular results. 

In 2019, we faced a ‘perfect storm’. More people were in danger at sea. Lifesavers were busier than ever. And income had fallen. In a brave, honest campaign, the RNLI launched the Perfect Storm Appeal, asking new and existing donors to come to the rescue. And thanks to our innovative and wide-ranging campaign, they did – donating over £2M. How did it happen? It happened thanks to a cultural shift in the charity. It happened thanks to a new donor centric approach. And it happened with a carefully planned and optimised campaign that included warm and cold mailings, DRTV, radio, social ads, and organic content across all channels. It happened because nobody wanted to see the RNLI drown. We’re proud - and incredibly grateful - that our call for help was answered.

St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice - The Forget Me Not Appeal

The Forget Me Not appeal enabled members of the public to make a donation of their choice in return for a locally made, hand-crafted, iron forget me not for their garden. The forget me nots were all purchased in memory of a loved one. The campaign was delivered mainly digitally. Initially given a fundraising target of £30,000, the campaign received an overwhelmingly positive response and ended up raising £104,241.16. The campaign launched on 15th February 2019 with posts across the Hospice’s social media channels. The launch Facebook post reached an outstanding 96,919 people, had 4,862 engagements, 271 likes, 136 comments and 191 shares. This is particularly impressive as the standard Facebook audience the Hospice has is around 15,000 people. For six months, the Hospice continued to promote their Forget Me Not appeal digitally through social media, their website, online local press and email marketing. It was particularly important for St Barnabas to use digital marketing as their main method of promotion for this campaign as it meant reaching a wide audience at little cost. The total digital marketing spend for the duration of the campaign was only £200 and no money was spent on print advertising. As well as the incredible amount of money raised by this campaign, the Hospice discovered that a large proportion of people ordering forget me nots were people who hadn’t supported the Hospice previously. This is because the campaign was for everyone, not just those whose loved ones had died in the Hospice. It has meant that the Hospice now has a whole new pool of supporters to communicate with about other relevant campaigns, including future spring appeals. In total, 1,057 people bought a forget me not who had never donated to the Hospice before.

The Myton Hospices - The Butterfly Effect

In June 2019, The Myton Hospices embarked on its most ambitious campaign to date – ‘The Butterfly Effect’. As well as raising money so Myton can continue to provide its services, our main objective was to harness the power of the butterfly effect – the belief that even the smallest actions can have a far-reaching impact.

To do this, 1,000 hand-made butterflies formed an installation where they were emerging from the historic walls of Coventry Cathedral to celebrate the lives of those who have experienced the services Myton provides to people with terminal and life limiting illnesses in Coventry and Warwickshire. Each butterfly was available to buy in memory of a loved one and/or to support Myton. The aim was to raise £50,000 and also increase awareness of Myton and our services.

WWF- UK - Black Friday Pandamonium

Black Friday is huge in the retail world but many charities switch off their paid advertising over the event, unable to compete for user attention on screen or against rising costs. Through this campaign, we wanted to carve out a space for non-profits in a field dominated by retail, proving that it pays to be present even in competitive markets. Secondly, for WWF it was important to divert user attention and share of wallet away from Black Friday sales and toward meaningful actions – adopting endangered and under threat animals, becoming members and donating to WWF causes.

We promoted a Flash Sale of WWF’s limited stock, but not as traditional retail audiences knew it. Unlike the fabricated urgency of retail sales, we have limited time to prevent the loss of habitat and endangered species across the world, offering the perfect parallel to build our campaign.

On first impression, the ‘stock’ in our social assets appeared as you’d expect – flashy and discounted - but as our video zoomed out revealing WWF’s endangered Giant Panda emblem, we physically turned the notion of limited supply on its head. We also placed display banners amongst Black Friday content on the open exchange. Working with WWFs marketing team we co briefed designers to produce banners that highlighted the contrast between Black Friday’s superficial consumerism, and the reality of species extinction.

Mirroring the typical attributes of sale creative, we brashly highlighted the number of pandas left in the wild highlighting that like sale items these animals are disappearing fast and need adopting before they’re gone forever. Using countdowns and ‘limited stock’ messaging, we were able to achieve a sense of urgency, highlighting key endangered species, and how few of them remained in the wild.

With reduced CPA's and increased number of conversions, the campaign was a huge success. But the biggest success of all, was showing that it’s hard to beat compelling creative, properly executed and running on the right platform.



Legacy Campaign of the Year


Alzheimer's Research UK - October Gifts in Wills Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Gifts in Wills Awareness Month was a collaborative, charity-wide, focused campaign to encourage legacy consideration among a cold audience in a peak Will-writing month. Promoting gifts in Wills to a mass cold audience was a first for the charity, successfully reaching more people than in the preceding 12 months, delivered £2.26m in prospective future income and the cultural shift it brought about has meant this campaign is now business as usual as the charity moves forward.

Independent Age - Life's for Living Legacy Campaign​ 

With legacy notifications in decline, Independent Age needed an effective new legacy programme heralded by a bold and daring proposition. Through extensive research involving stakeholders and supporters, Campfire investigated reactions to a range of territories. With the insight taken on board, a daring proposition came to fruition: Death is a part of life. Spending 20 years waiting for it, shouldn’t be. It’s a proposition that doesn’t pussyfoot around the subject of death – and reflects Independent Age’s ethos to make older age full of life.

Once the look and feel were developed for the new legacy programme, Campfire then developed attention-grabbing materials to promote gifts in Wills. We also developed a stewardship programme to nurture and support prospects through their journey. Initial results are promising and we have high hopes for this campaign, which is all insight driven.

Macmillan Cancer Support - Macmillan Free Will Service (FWS)

In September 2019, Macmillan transformed its free will offer by launching the always-on Free Will Service. This offer built on previous ground-breaking achievements to result in an incredible 706 pledges in 2019 (160% of our target) or £11,046,810 in future estimated income for Macmillan’s work and has enabled us to steward more than 3 times as many legacy supporters per month as the previous year .

As a large charity we knew that we had advantage of reach in order to achieve these incredible numbers in support of the future of cancer care but we are incredibly proud of the internal challenges that we were able to overcome in order to make this campaign a success. As a charity with focus on end of life, as well as several other high-profile campaigns, it has not always been easy to overcome the stigma attached to legacies from other teams and have them recognised as a priority.

However, by making the clear link between our legacy campaign and the sustainable future of Macmillan, we have been able to work collaboratively across the organisation, taking an innovative and insight-led approach to improve our supporter journey, reduce barriers to will-writing, and enable the consistent all-year round performance required to deliver Macmillan’s ambition of being there for everyone with cancer who needs us at the point of diagnosis.

The campaign has also been a success in terms of the positive supporter feedback and the internal engagement we’ve been able to foster with teams across Macmillan.

Mental Health Foundation - Recruiting Legacy Pledges for Mental Health

Mental Health Foundation has been the UK’s leading charity for everyone’s mental health since 1949. With prevention at the heart of their approach, they aim to find and address the sources of mental health problems so that people, and the communities they live in, can thrive.

83% of their legacy pledges came from people not known to the charity. So in conjunction with digital marketing agency Platypus Digital, they wanted to test Facebook advertising as an acquisition channel among existing supporters of the agency.

The campaign was hugely successful, with an ROI of 1:30. It has opened up a whole new stream of digital fundraising for the charity, focused on a high return form of fundraising combined with the scale that the internet offers.

The RAF Benevolent Fund Thumbs Up Legacy Campaign

The RAF Benevolent Fund receives 2/3 of its voluntary income from gifts in wills.  65% of the gifts we receive come from people not known to us and this prompted us to review our legacy marketing.  To reach and inspire a new audience we knew we had to introduce channels that would give us a new reach and from our other fundraising activity we decided on TV and digital.  We also knew that our creative needed to cut through the other ads because we are a niche brand and to have longevity to ensure we maximised the return on the investment.  We developed an animation with our creative agency Arthur London and the Kite Factory advised on media selections.

We ran the campaign three times in 2019; twice on TV and digital channels and once on digital only.  We set targets for new prospects and exceeded them by 7%.  This has given us a new group of people to add to our gifts in wills stewardship programme.  The creative is sufficiently flexible for us to use it with our warm audience in terms of our bespoke legacy mailing and at our legacy events.  We are very proud of this campaign in terms of how the creative supports the values of the charity’s brand, its success in reaching a new audience and in exceeding our targets in year one.


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Fundraising Campaign of the Year


Concern Worldwide (UK) - Ration Challenge

The Ration Challenge is a fundraising campaign with a clear mission – During Refugee week in June, live on the same rations a Syrian refugee would receive in Jordan and show refugees we’re with them, not against them.

Run in the UK by Concern Worldwide UK in partnership with Australian NGO Act for Peace, 2019 was the campaigns inaugural year in the UK, and it its first year, it raised just over £1 million - a 56% increase on projected income target

The campaign is a cutting edge approach to peer-to-peer fundraising, incorporating sophisticated targeting for acquisition, tailored donor journeys, including time based and trigger based communications, and engaging content to help create a fundraising campaign which helped people stand up and take direct action in supporting refugees.

Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity, Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity and The ARCHIE Foundation - Oor Wullie's BIG Bucket Trail

Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail is a braw initiative brought together by Scotland’s three children’s hospital charities, DC Thomson and Wild in Art that united businesses, communities, artists, schools, and the Scottish Public – to leave a lasting legacy for children, young people and families in hospital across Scotland.

Noah's Ark Children's Hospice - Building The Ark campaign

Until recently, Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice was a small, local charity bringing in under £1million a year. The Building The Ark campaign revolutionised the charity, raising over £13million and enabling the building of The Ark, a new children’s hospice building for North and Central London. Through a combination of exceptional major donor relationships and a community fundraising campaign, the charity raised an unprecedented amount of money to build, fit out and run The Ark. The campaign will have a direct and lasting impact on some of the most seriously ill children you could possibly meet.

The Myton Hospices - The Butterfly Effect

In June 2019, The Myton Hospices embarked on its most ambitious campaign to date – ‘The Butterfly Effect’. As well as raising money so Myton can continue to provide its services, our main objective was to harness the power of the butterfly effect – the belief that even the smallest actions can have a far-reaching impact.

To do this, 1,000 hand-made butterflies formed an installation where they were emerging from the historic walls of Coventry Cathedral to celebrate the lives of those who have experienced the services Myton provides to people with terminal and life limiting illnesses in Coventry and Warwickshire. Each butterfly was available to buy in memory of a loved one and/or to support Myton. The aim was to raise £50,000 and also increase awareness of Myton and our services.

YoungMinds - #HelloYellow

#HelloYellow is all about showing young people that they are not alone with their mental health.

It is bright, inclusive, and full of hope.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Working alongside our Activists (young people who have experience of mental health problems), we delivered a campaign that not only amplified the powerful message that young people are not alone with their mental health, but equipped supporters with practical advice, resources and inspiration to help them really be there for a friend or loved one who might be struggling.

The beauty of this campaign was in the incredible fusion of helping young people who are struggling with their mental health to feel less alone; helping young people, adults, schools and communities take steps to support the young people in their life and be part of our movement for change; and delivering an incredibly successful fundraising campaign which exceeded our fundraising target by a huge 75%.

Regional Campaign of the Year


Caring in Bristol - Make Homelessness History in Bristol

Our Make Homelessness History campaign was a bold and innovative individual giving campaign in Bristol, that linked all its components to create a uniquely successful result. With a full staff body and volunteer involvement the ROI of 18:1 was a joint effort, that has had a considerable effect on the future of our organisation and the impact we're able to make in Bristol, and beyond. We hope that the marketing values and learnings we made in this campaign are is influential to others as they have been to Bristol.

Colchester Mercury Theatre - Make Our May!

‘Make Our May’ was a regional campaign, run by the Colchester Mercury Theatre, which aimed to raise £25,000 in a single month to go towards the theatre’s Mercury Rising redevelopment project. This was the first ever campaign of its kind conducted by the theatre, and multiple donation routes included text-to-donate, auditorium seat adoptions, brick sponsorships and fundraising specific events. Newspaper advertorials, uniquely branded social media and special celebrity video messages were among the methods used to encourage theatre audiences to support the project. The campaign surpassed its goal, raising £26,985 to go towards Mercury Rising, with the £9.8 million theatre development now due to be completed in September 2020.

Corn Exchange (Newbury) Trust - Save Your Corn Exchange

Our Save Your Corn Exchange campaign was launched in October 2018 to fill the gap left by the withdrawal of all local authority funding from April 2019.  Faced with the need to fill the gap left by these cuts we approached our audiences and local community to support us so that we could continue to do all the brilliant work we do, including the work we do in our community with young people, families and our Ageing Creatively programme; our free outdoor shows; and our packed programme of the best theatre, comedy, music, dance and films.

Our Save Your Corn Exchange campaign put fundraising front and centre of our organisation, marking a shift in organisational focus from ticket sales to donations.  For a small fundraising team this was empowering, giving us the opportunity to approach our fundraising in a new and creative way.   

Primarily an individual giving campaign, we asked everyone we knew to help us by committing to a small regular gift of just £2 per month. We illustrated our need with an infographic video and print, which reinforced the message that lots of small gifts can make a big difference.

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our local community and enormously proud of the support we received which exceeded our ambitious fundraising target of £150,000.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - Go Wild Gorillas

Go Wild Gorillas, in partnership with Wild in Art, created the Channel Islands’ largest public art trail. This large-scale regional campaign and community project combined art and conservation with a specific appeal to raise funds to build a new home state of the art home gorilla at Jersey Zoo.

Grand Gorilla Auction raised an incredible £1,146,500 and one sculpture sold for a record-breaking £72,000, the highest bid for a Wild In Art sculpture.

The Island embraced the trail, with extensive media coverage, new corporate supporters, schools and community groups engaged via the creative learning programme, bolstered zoo visitor numbers and all sectors of the community ‘going wild’ for gorillas.

As well as raising vital funds for the gorillas, this trail also encouraged people of all ages, both visitors and locals, to get outside and explore our beautiful island. As part of Durrell’s ‘Rewild our World’ strategy, we want to reconnect one million people to nature and Go Wild Gorillas was the perfect way to get people outside enjoying nature.

Durrell has always been at the forefront of conservation. Understanding that restoring the health of our planet requires people to positively change how they value the environment. The first step is to build a strong emotional connection between people and the natural world.

Go Wild Gorillas has helped Durrell to celebrate the work of the charity, forged important partnerships, provided pride within our island community and transformed donor prospects to support a £5million Gorilla Capital Appeal. The overall success of the Go Wild Gorillas project would not have been achievable without the hard work and dedication of so many individuals, organisations, schools, and community groups.

Thames Hospice - Raise the Roof

‘Raise the Roof’ was the public launch of Thames Hospice’s fundraising appeal to raise vital funds for the completion of the charity’s new £22 million state of the art hospice. The campaign targeted existing and new supporters across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and aimed to raise £3 million.

Through offline and digital marketing campaigns, PR and several fundraising initiatives, Thames Hospice has now raised £4.9 million of the final £6 million needed. The appeal was launched in September 2019 in partnership with the charity’s retail team, promoting the Raise the Roof campaign in all 22 Thames Hospice stores on the high street to reach even more potential donors.

To date in the last financial year, the charity has raised a total of £5.19 million gross income, a year on year growth of 15.7%, with a 53% growth in community income and a 33% rise in lottery and individual giving.

Thames Hospice are just 5 months away from moving into the best new hospice in the UK, and the final income for the ‘Raise the Roof’ appeal is in sight.


Fundraising Event of the Year


Cancer Research UK - Pretty Muddy Kids

Race for Life Pretty Muddy Kids is an innovative use of event fundraising by Cancer Research UK. Race for Life is a well established, mature fundraising event series providing a secure annual income for the charity.  Over 9.5 million women, men and children have participated since 1994 and raised over £893 million for cancer Research UK, but since 2009 growth had plateaued. The team therefore wanted to develop a brand stretch that would reach a new, untapped younger and family audience. Pretty Muddy Kids sits perfectly under our current brand, whilst supporting our strategy to be accessible and open to all as a leading mass participation fundraising portfolio.

Greenpeace UK - Major Gifts: Protect the Oceans

In April 2019 the Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza came to London before it embarked on a 12-month expedition down the Atlantic ocean, from the north to the south pole.

The major gifts team hosted a unique dinner experience over 2 evenings in the heli-hangar, attended by 70 major donors and prospects, which raised over £500,000 through pledges and auction bids - a wapping 10% of the team's overall income for the year.

Speakers included the ship’s captain, Greenpeace UK CEO John Sauven and Sir Michael Palin, as well as many of the ship's crew. The event was donor-driven, with fundraising asks introduced by key supporters.

The money raised went to support Greenpeace’s global Protect the Oceans campaign, which is seeking to get governments at the UN to agree to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030, by creating a Strong Global Oceans Treaty.

Shelter - Sleep Walk for Shelter

We put our cause at the heart of our campaign: running an event which brought people together to fight an issue they are passionate about changing. We’re planning to make 2020’s campaign even bigger and better, ensuring the series not only raises the vital funds needed for our work, but helps people understand the breadth and depth of what Shelter does for those facing bad housing and homelessness. 

During the festive season, when people celebrate and come together, Sleep Walk for Shelter will continue to build on the public’s evident desire to take steps against homelessness. 

 ‘…The event was very well organised and very well done to all those involved. The support on the night was excellent and made all those involved in the walk feel like we really did something wonderful to help towards homelessness’ – Sarah, Sleep Walk London.

Stand by Me - February on the Floor

At Stand by Me we rescue children across the world from extreme circumstances. We then do everything we can to help them thrive as we tackle each and every obstacle our children face in order to provide them with a life changing education. When our kids come to school we provide them with uniform and shoes, two meals a day to make sure they are well fed and can concentrate on their studies, healthcare when needed and give them a quality education to, in time, enable them to receive qualifications and/or skills to give them a much brighter future. Many of our children in Ethiopia go home every night and alongside their parents and siblings sleep on the cold mud floor. We launched a new fundraising initiative called ‘February on the floor’ asking people to sleep on the floor for a week in February to raise sponsorship of £140 or more which would lift one of our rescued children and their family off of the ground and into their first bed. We had a fantastic response as people loved the tangible nature of what the donations were helping to achieve so with a reasonably small number of people taking on the challenge to sleep on the floor over 295 families lives were changed in Ethiopia.

Tommy's - The Tommy's Splashathon

Tommy's and Water Babies teamed up to deliver the Tommy's Splashathon in 2019, raising a whopping £936,825. Splashathon was a special themed lesson during Water Babies classes, where babies were sponsored to dress up as pirates and princesses to raise money to help save other babies' lives. Mums and dads at 46 Water Babies franchises across the UK came together to raise money for research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

Innovation in Fundraising


Action For Children - Secret Santa Pop-up

Bringing the Secret Santa campaign to life - A pop-up, virtual gifts, artificial intelligence and facial recognition with a generous dose of Christmas spirit thrown in!

For the 2019 campaign, Action For Children sought to offer the public increased tangibility, choice and impact in return for their support. We brought our successful digital campaign to life with a pop-up in Covent Garden, inviting them to peruse gifts that their donation could provide for a vulnerable child against a Winter Wonderland backdrop. Within the store we offered '', a digital experience produced in partnership with Capgemini's Applied Innovation Exchange, which utilised artificial intelligence and facial recognition software to recommend gifts to visitors based on their emotional response to a range of festive stimuli (who doesn't love a gif?). Overall, the pop-up and it's virtual counterpart raised over £100k, almost 3 times their respective income target.

RNLI - Launch a Memory Campaign 

The RNLI’s emotive Launch a Memory campaign offered people hope in the face of loss. The chance to share a loved one’s name on the side of a lifeboat, in honour of their memory, inspired thousands to donate. This campaign was new territory for the RNLI. Before 2019, we lacked an accessible and tangible in-memory giving product that met people’s desire to pay tribute to those they have loved and lost.

But Launch a Memory met that need, giving people the unique opportunity to see their loved one’s names form the numbers and letters on a new lifeboat’s hull. The digital campaign was fundamental: social ads, web forms and search functions to submit and see names, plus email, web and social content delivering updates. The £453,011 raised smashed all targets and almost 10,000 names were submitted. From fundraising objectives to the acquisition of new supporters, it’s been a remarkable success.

Sue Ryder - Lottery Retail Campaign

Ross Wiggan, Sue Ryder’s Lottery Manager introduced Lottery to Sue Ryder’s 450 Retail shops, generating over £640,000 in 2019.  The innovative technical solution allows Retail customers to purchase single or multiple entries to the Sue Ryder lottery and Super Draws in any of the charities shops nationwide. Customers can then also check their ticket in any store and claim cash prizes of £10 and under – increasing footfall, stock donations and secondary sales throughout the Retail network.

UNICEF UK - Paddington's Postcards​

With the charity sector increasingly innovating to find new ways to fundraise, Unicef UK harnessed its strong brand partnership with The Copyrights Group, who own Paddington Bear™, to create our first successful subscription product Paddington’s Postcards to recruit and engage new regular givers.

Using an audience- and insight-led approach, Unicef UK created Paddington’s Postcards, to recruit our target audience of parents with primary school aged children. This was delivered at pace, with concept to pilot to scale testing all done in the space of 4 months. Taking on Paddington’s tone, we were able to bring Unicef’s work to life in a fun, educational way for families across the UK.

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